Why should I join the PTPA?

We could list all the benefits of becoming a member including tournament discounts, free entry to the annual tennis social, etc ... But the best reason to join is because you love the game of tennis. Your membership fee helps promote tennis on the Peninsula. All the board members are non paid volunteers, and every penny earned through membership fees and tournaments goes back into the local tennis community.

Join us whatever your age or skill.

How are the Grand Prix Points calculated?

Points are awarded for each round. There are also bonus points awarded for each match played. The point totals are reset each January, so all players start the year with zero points.

Here is the formula used:

  • Round of 32 = 20 points
  • Round of 16 = 42 points
  • Quarters = 90 points
  • Semis = 210 points
  • Finals = 426 points, plus an extra 427 for the champion
  • Round robin = winner earns 251 points, the loser 21 points.
  • Doubles = 2/3 of singles values.
  • Backdraw or consolation rounds = 1/3 of main draw points.

  • There are also 12 bonus points available to both the winner and loser of each match. Bonus points are calculated based on the match score. For example, if the winner's score was 6-1, 6-0, they would pick up an extra 11 bonus points for that match.

    The point totals and rankings shown on the website are recalculated in real-time as scores are recorded.

    The top 8 players in each division automatically qualify for the year end Grand Prix Masters Tournament.

    The Grand Prix Masters tournament is weighted for extra points.

    If you believe there may be errors concerning your points total or if you need any clarification, please feel free to contact ron@pentennis.org

    What are the Grand Prix Rules?

    The Grand Prix uses USTA's NTRP ranking system from 3.5 - 5.0. Each player is assigned a NTRP rating. If you haven't played USTA and do not have a current rating, go here to help determine your rating.

    Levels: A player only receives points if their oppenent is of an equal or greater level. For example, if a 4.5 plays a 4.0, the 4.0 will receive points while the 4.5 will not.

    Sand Bagging: If a player under rates, the PTPA board will determine their correct rating. If the player's rating is raised, they will lose any points they gained at the lower level.

    No shows: No shows will be penalized 375 points. No shows are defined as a player who signs up for a tournament, but for whatever reason can not make their match and fails to contact the tournament director in a reasonable time.

    Late Rule: If a player shows up late to a match, they will be penalized. After 10 minutes = loss of serve and 1 game, later than 20 minutes = loss of serve and 3 games, later than 30 minutes = default.