Player Profile

Phoebe Ajabade
Female, Current NTRP: 3.5

Match History

07/06/19Fourth of July ClassicLena LewisLena Lewis6-0, 6-0
07/06/19Fourth of July ClassicDestiny Grace-…Phoebe Ajabade7-5, 6-2
06/30/18Fourth of July ClassicStorm OgleStorm Ogle6-1, 6-2
06/30/18Fourth of July ClassicJayla ChatmanPhoebe Ajabade6-1, 6-2
06/24/18Newport News SinglesSusannah CloudSusannah Clouddef no show
06/23/18Newport News SinglesJayla ChatmanJayla Chatmandef no show
06/23/18Newport News SinglesAthena GibsonSharon Gibsondef no show
05/27/18Memorial Day ClassicAthena GibsonPhoebe Ajabade1-6, 7-6 (3), 1-0 (11-9)
05/26/18Memorial Day ClassicSheryl HarrisSheryl Harris6-0, 6-1
05/26/18Memorial Day ClassicSusannah CloudPhoebe Ajabadedef
07/02/17Fourth of July ClassicSissy ColeSissy Cole6-2, 6-1
07/01/17Fourth of July ClassicChristine ZalamedaChristine Zalameda6-0, 6-2
07/01/17Fourth of July ClassicKiara BomboyKiara Bomboy6-4, 6-4
06/25/17Newport News SinglesJayla Chatman
06/24/17Newport News SinglesEmily HenleyPhoebe Ajabadedef
10/15/16Grand Prix Masters …Christine ZalamedaChristine Zalameda6-1, 6-1
10/15/16Grand Prix Masters …Shawn WinfieldShawn Winfield6-0, 4-6, 1-0 (10-6)
07/03/16Fourth of July ClassicYenna ChuYenna Chu 6-2,6-1
07/02/16Fourth of July ClassicKendyl WrightKendyl Wright7-5, 6-3
07/02/16Fourth of July ClassicKeanna WrightPhoebe Ajabade6-3, 6-2
06/18/16Riverside SinglesJenny GuJenny Gu10-0
06/18/16Riverside SinglesLaura JonesLaura Jones10-2
06/18/16Riverside SinglesCathy DwyreCathy Dwyre10-0
05/27/16Memorial Day ClassicSheryl HarrisSheryl Harris6-2, 6-0
07/03/15Fourth of July ClassicShawn WinfieldShawn Winfield6-4, 6-0
06/28/13Fourth of July ClassicDiane SteeleDiane Steeledefault