Player Profile

William Brown
Male, Current NTRP: 3.5

Match History

09/20/20NTA OpenSamuel HolleySamuel Holley6-3, 1-6, 1-0(8)
09/19/20NTA OpenAJ AllmondWilliam Brown6-3, 6-4
09/19/20NTA OpenDavid KingWilliam Brown0-6, 7-5, 1-0(4)
09/13/20MMT OpenJohn CloudWilliam Brown3-6, 6-0, 1-0(4)
09/12/20MMT OpenNeel DharniWilliam Brown6-0, 6-0
09/06/20Labor Day ClassicSamuel HolleySamuel Holley6-4, 6-2
09/05/20Labor Day ClassicNathan ChanWilliam Brown6-0, 6-2
09/05/20Labor Day ClassicWesley WigginsWilliam Brown6-1, 6-1
08/09/20Briarfield MemorialTerry TateTerry Tate6-3,6-0
08/08/20Briarfield MemorialReggie WrightWilliam Brown7-5,6-2
07/19/20The Peninsula Money …Samuel HolleySamuel Holley6-4, 6-1
07/18/20The Peninsula Money …Terry TateWilliam Brown4-6, 7-5, 1-0(3)
09/29/19Grand Prix MastersLeonard BernardLeonard Bernard6-3, 6-3
09/28/19Grand Prix MastersNick ArcetaNick Arceta10-3
09/28/19Grand Prix MastersLane BrockWilliam Brown10-7
09/27/19Grand Prix MastersJahya Hawk-ParkerWilliam Brown10-7
09/14/19NTA OpenNick ArcetaNick Arceta6-4, 7-5
09/14/19NTA OpenSebastian SandovalWilliam Brown4-6, 6-0, 10-8
09/08/19MMT NTRP and OpenLane BrockWilliam Brown6-2, 6-4
09/08/19MMT NTRP and OpenWendell WhiteWilliam Brown6-3, 5-7, 10-5
09/08/19MMT NTRP and OpenJoshua BlankenshipWilliam Brown7-5, 6-3
09/07/19MMT NTRP and OpenScott / MillerScott / Miller6-1, 6-1
09/07/19MMT NTRP and OpenBrock / BlankenshipSpeilberger / Brown5-7, 6-3, 10-6
09/07/19MMT NTRP and OpenEarl MillerEarl Miller6-2, 6-3
09/01/19Labor Day ClassicSpeilberger / BrownBridges / Bridges6-3, 6-2
09/01/19Labor Day ClassicNick ArcetaNick Arceta
09/01/19Labor Day ClassicScott / MillerSpeilberger / BrownWalkover
09/01/19Labor Day ClassicJim HydeWilliam Brown6-1, 6-0
08/31/19Labor Day ClassicSherman / BellamySherman / Bellamy6-2, 6-3
08/31/19Labor Day ClassicNoah DieblerWilliam Brown6-1, 6-2
08/30/19Labor Day ClassicColby CookColby Cook6-1, 5-7 (10-6)
08/17/19Berry Bolden Memorial …David BushDavid Bush6-2,6-2
08/17/19Berry Bolden Memorial …Alec DennyWilliam Brown6-1,6-3
08/10/19Briarfield MemorialDavid BushDavid Bush6-0,6-4
08/10/19Briarfield MemorialQuatavous JordanWilliam Brown6-1,6-0
07/27/19The Peninsula Money …Leonard BernardLeonard Bernard6-2, 6-2
07/27/19The Peninsula Money …Bob ClarkWilliam Brown7-6 (7-5), 3-6, 10-7
07/26/19The Peninsula Money …Ishan ParikhWilliam Brown6-4, 3-6, 10-5
07/21/19Riverside Summer …Lane BrockLane Brock6-3,5-7,10-2
07/21/19Riverside Summer …Jahya Hawk-ParkerWilliam Brown6-3,6-3
07/20/19Riverside Summer …Robert NeelyWilliam Brown6-2,6-0
07/14/19Riverside Clay Court …David BushDavid Bush6-3,6-1
07/13/19Riverside Clay Court …Holli SawyerWilliam Brown6-4,7-5
07/07/19Fourth of July ClassicNick ArcetaNick Arceta6-2, 6-1
07/06/19Fourth of July ClassicTyler SpeilbergerWilliam Brown6-2, 5-7 (21-19)
07/06/19Fourth of July ClassicJahya Hawk-ParkerWilliam Brown6-3, 6-2
07/05/19Fourth of July ClassicWendell WhiteWilliam Brown6-0, 6-0
06/23/19Newport News SinglesLeonard BernardLeonard Bernard6-3,7-5
06/22/19Newport News SinglesWendell WhiteWilliam Brown7-6(6), 6-0
06/22/19Newport News SinglesJahya Hawk-ParkerWilliam Brown6-0,6-4
10/21/18Grand Prix MastersDavid BushDavid Bush6-2, 6-3
10/21/18Grand Prix MastersEl Mahdi El OuadniEl Mahdi El Ouadni6-2, 6-1
10/20/18Grand Prix MastersNicolas CrespoNicolas Crespo6-1, 6-2
09/23/18Riverside Clay Court …David KingDavid King10-7
09/23/18Riverside Clay Court …Sebastian GrasserWilliam Brown10-4
09/21/18Riverside Clay Court …El Mahdi El OuadniEl Mahdi El Ouadni6-0,6-0
09/02/18Labor Day ClassicSebastian GrasserWilliam Brown6-3, 6-2
09/01/18Labor Day ClassicRobert NeelyWilliam Brown6-3, 6-0
09/01/18Labor Day ClassicEl Mahdi El OuadniEl Mahdi El Ouadni6-2, 6-1
08/19/18Berry Bolden Memorial …Robert NeelyWilliam Brown10-0
08/17/18Berry Bolden Memorial …Jim NolanJim Nolan6-1,6-2
08/12/18Briarfield MemorialEl Mahdi El OuadniEl Mahdi El Ouadni6-1, 6-1
08/12/18Briarfield MemorialTyler SpeilbergerWilliam Brown6-1, 1-0 Ret inj
08/11/18Briarfield MemorialDavid BushDavid Bush6-2, 6-1
07/29/18The Peninsula Money …Tyler SpeilbergerTyler Speilberger6-4, 6-4
07/28/18The Peninsula Money …Carmen GradyWilliam BrownDef.
07/27/18The Peninsula Money …Donald RiceDonald Rice6-4, 7-5
06/30/18Fourth of July ClassicNick ArcetaNick Arceta6-1, 6-0
06/29/18Fourth of July ClassicSebastian GrasserWilliam Brown6-2, 6-1
06/22/18Newport News SinglesDavid BushDavid Bush6-2, 6-2