Player Profile

Lindsey Ballou
Female, Current NTRP: 4.0

Match History

09/18/22NTA OpenCoccimiglio / BallouCoccimiglio / Ballou7-6(4), 6-7(6), 11-9
09/18/22NTA OpenGraupmann / GraupmanCoccimiglio / Ballou6-2, 6-3
09/18/22NTA OpenSusannah CloudLindsey Ballou2-6, 7-6(9), 10-6
09/17/22NTA OpenPrice / GilmoreCoccimiglio / Ballou6-0, 6-0
09/17/22NTA OpenMichelle CloudLindsey Ballou6-3, 3-6, 10-8
09/17/22NTA OpenAliyah BensonLindsey Ballou6-3, 6-1
09/03/22Labor Day ClassicHolli SawyerLindsey Ballou6-3, 6-3
09/03/22Labor Day ClassicBrianna HillBrianna Hill6-3, 6-0
09/02/22Labor Day ClassicSusannah CloudLindsey Ballou6-2, 6-2
08/06/22Briarfield MemorialWilliam BrownWilliam Brown6-2,6-2
08/06/22Briarfield MemorialCorey DieblerLindsey Ballou4-6, 7-5 (10,7)
08/05/22Briarfield MemorialSusannah CloudLindsey Ballou6-4, 7-6(9-7)
07/03/22Fourth Of July ClassicMichelle CloudMichelle Cloud6-2, 6-3
07/03/22Fourth Of July ClassicHolli SawyerLindsey Ballou6-1, 6-4
07/01/22Fourth Of July ClassicAliyah BensonLindsey Ballou6-2,6-0
05/29/22Memorial Day ClassicHolli SawyerLindsey Ballou7-5, 6-4
05/28/22Memorial Day ClassicMalini DharniMalini Dharni7-5, 6-1
09/19/21NTA OpenErin Lois BraganzaLindsey Ballou6-1, 6-2
09/18/21NTA OpenMichelle HandyLindsey Ballou6-0, 6-0
09/05/21Labor Day ClassicBecky VilledaBecky Villeda6-3, 6-3
09/05/21Labor Day ClassicRochelle PrestonLindsey Ballou6-2, 6-3
09/04/21Labor Day ClassicAdrianna MelvinLindsey Ballou6-1, 6-0
08/07/21Briarfield MemorialCarolyn PoissantCarolyn Poissantwithdrew
07/04/21Fourth of July ClassicAliyah BensonAliyah Benson6-0, 6-3
07/04/21Fourth of July ClassicKelly MurphyLindsey Ballou6-1, 6-1
07/03/21Fourth of July ClassicErin Lois BraganzaLindsey Balloudef - illness
06/19/21Newport News SinglesHolli SawyerHolli Sawyer6-1,6-3
06/19/21Newport News SinglesJayla ChatmanJayla Chatman6-1,6-2
05/31/21Memorial Day ClassicHolli SawyerHolli Sawyer7-5, 6-1
05/29/21Memorial Day ClassicKiara AlexanderLindsey Ballou6-0, 6-0
05/28/21Memorial Day ClassicAudrey MarshallLindsey Ballou6-2, 6-0
09/05/20Labor Day ClassicKynnedi SimonKynnedi Simon6-4, 6-2
09/04/20Labor Day ClassicRenee ChatmanLindsey Ballou6-2, 7-5
08/08/20Briarfield MemorialRuffin / SimonRuffin / Simon6-4,6-1
08/08/20Briarfield MemorialKynnedi SimonLindsey Ballou8-6
08/07/20Briarfield MemorialOliver / BallouHolloman / Bollen6-4,6-3
08/07/20Briarfield MemorialVictoria EppsVictoria Epps6-1,6-1